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Are you ready to say?:

VOİLA! This is

the time

to lose weight!

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Have you come to the point in your life where you think:

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“I don’t need to be perfect but I want to become the best version of myself?”

If so, then I am really glad that you are here because this is what I help my clients to achieve:
Together we figure out what is most important to you, what makes you thrive, and what drains your energy. You will learn to honor your uniqueness and celebrate your wins while accepting that change is something that takes time. You will definitely enjoy learning the principles of a healthy lifestyle and you will be amazed to watch your energy levels raise, once you reconnect with your body and…

Quit restricting diets that ruin your mood and slow down your metabolism
Enjoy all the foods you love, including carbohydrates
Learn about your body and what it needs to get into shape
Rebuild your self-confidence around food and get back your authority



I'm Doris Hofer.

Weight Loss Coach

I hold certifications as a

• Life Coach (International Coaching Federation since 2021)

• Behavior Change Specialist (American Council on Exercise, since 2019)

• Fitness Nutrition Specialist (American Council on Exercise, since 2021)

• Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise, since 2014)

I am the author of 3 books published in 3 different languages.

  • Die Squatgirl Methode / Hayalindeki Sen 

  • Fitness Food & Body Training / İçindeki Sen

  • Food is not your Enemy / Yemek Düşmanın Değildir

I created this HOLISTIC WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM with the experience gained over the last decade, slimming down thousands of people with my Squatgirl brand.

If you have been struggling with weight during your entire life if you have bought every diet product under the sun and instead of losing the weight, you keep putting on more pounds. If it feels like nothing works, if you have tried exercising, you have joined the gym you have read all the books, and gone to all the boot camps and workshops but you are still overweight, then I have the solution for you.

Together with me,

you will discover
the healing power of food.


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How I Can Help You:

No More Strict Diets

The more you diet, the more difficult it is to lose weight because your hormones get out of balance and your metabolism slows down. I will show you how you can reach your ideal weight without starving yourself. 

Doris Hofer Program

Change your Focus

Once you find your purpose and set goals that really matter for you, your focus will automatically shift away from food. You will regain confidence around food and know what to eat, even when you are on a vacation. 

Doris Hofer Program

Trust Your Body

You may feel shame or disgust for your body right now. It is time to rewire your thinking and build a healthy relationship that is built on respect and love. You will start getting more comfortable in your skin.

Doris Hofer Program

My Approach

Doris Hofer Clients

'I help my clients gain the knowledge to make healthy choices and use tools that free them from the vicious diet culture cycle. They  stop thinking about food all day and start concentrating on their relationships, career goals, and life purpose.'


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“I weighed 110 kg when I got Corona and I was constantly short of breath. It was then that I realized the value of health. After the illness passed, I decided to lose weight. I started with your videos. At first, I couldn't even do them for 5 minutes. Later, I heard you say "keep going, don't quit" in your videos. It felt like you were actually seeing me :) I have never seen a dietitian, I never got a food list. I just followed what you said. I exercised with your videos and replaced all harmful foods with healthier foods. No food can give you the flavor of slimming down! I As I got stronger, working out got easier and I started to train more. I lost 28kg. Now I have reached my ideal weight, but I still work out and I continue my healthy lifestyle. What’s more, I love doing it. Thank you for everything."

Cagri S.


ICF Coach
ACE certified
ACE Specialist
ACE Trainer
Boot Camp Instructor
Adler certified Coach
Dr. Oz Team
First Aid Trainee
Fitwell Trainer
Fitness Academy certified

My Books

I have published 3 books in 3 languages

Hayalindeki Sen
Die Squatgirl Methode
İçindeki Sen
Fitness Food & Body Training
Doris Hofer yeni kitap

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