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Are you ready to say?:

ENOUGH! This is

the time to quit constant dieting.

Doris Hofer-1.png

Have you come to the point in your life where you think:

Asset 3_300x.png

“I don’t need to be perfect but I want to become the best version of myself?”

If so, then I am really glad that you are here because as an ICF certified coach, I can help you to achieve your goals. Together, we will figure out what is most important to you, what makes you thrive and also what drains your energy. You will learn to honor your uniqueness and celebrate your wins while accepting that change is something that takes time and practice. During our sessions you will learn a lot about how your brain and body works and what the foundations or a healthy lifestyle are. You will be amazed to watch your energy levels raise after applying the insight you gained. You will reconnect with your body and…

Quit restricting diets that ruin your mood and slow down your metabolism
Enjoy all the foods you love, including carbohydrates
Learn about your body and what it needs to get into shape
Rebuild your self-confidence around food and get back your authority



I'm Doris Hofer.

Weight Loss Coach

I hold certifications as a

• Life Coach (International Coaching Federation since 2021)

• Behavior Change Specialist (American Council on Exercise, since 2019)

• Fitness Nutrition Specialist (American Council on Exercise, since 2021)

• Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise, since 2014)

I am the author of 3 books published in 3 different languages.

  • Die Squatgirl Methode / Hayalindeki Sen 

  • Fitness Food & Body Training / İçindeki Sen

  • Food is not your Enemy / Yemek Düşmanın Değildir

I created my own HOLISTIC WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM with the experience gained over the last decade, slimming down thousands of people.

If you have been struggling with weight during your entire life, if you have bought every diet product under the sun and instead of losing the weight, you keep putting on more pounds. If it feels like nothing works, if you have tried exercising, you have joined the gym you have read all the books, and gone to all the boot camps and workshops but you are still overweight, then I have the solution for you.

Together with me,

you will discover
the healing power of food.


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How I Can Help You:

No More Strict Diets

The more you diet, the more difficult it is to lose weight because your hormones get out of balance and your metabolism slows down. I will show you how you can reach your ideal weight without starving yourself. 

Doris Hofer Program

Change your Focus

Once you find your purpose and set goals that really matter for you, your focus will automatically shift away from food. You will regain confidence around food and know what to eat, even when you are on a vacation. 

Doris Hofer Program

Trust Your Body

You may feel shame or disgust for your body right now. It is time to rewire your thinking and build a healthy relationship that is built on respect and love. You will start getting more comfortable in your skin.

Doris Hofer Program

My Approach

Doris Hofer Clients

'I help my clients gain the knowledge to make healthy choices and use tools that free them from the vicious diet culture cycle. They  stop thinking about food all day and start concentrating on their relationships, career goals, and life purpose.'

Ece N.

“I wanted to change my mentality about eating and dieting which I feel I did by giving myself the promise to never diet again. This really was the highlight of our sessions."

Ayris I.

“It seems like I have lost 7 pounds since I have gotten back from Turkey, so things are going well! I'm really watching what I eat but not limiting myself and still allowing myself to have some of the 'unhealthier' foods once in a while. Even if it is not every day, I have been cooking much more at home. I also have been working out but I am not killing myself anymore, sometimes I am just going for a walk or biking and I feel great and happy about it."

Jessy B.

“Doris is very high energy and solution oriented. Whenever I think 'There is no way I can do that' she manages to change my beliefs to 'Hang on, maybe I can' and then to 'You bet I will do that!' It's so rewarding and fun to work with her."

Banu O.

“Thank you for another great session. It was really helpful to go back and re-live that instance. It made me realize certain things. Thoughts have been occupying my mind ever since and I like it because this self-analysis helps me to get to know myself in a deeper way and grow into the person I want to be."

Ebru E.

“I was exercising and eating quite healthily but I wanted more! Doris helped me to get out of the autopilot mode and make the desired changes. The awareness I gained through our coaching sessions was very empowering."


ICF Coach
Adler certified Coach
ACE certified
ACE Specialist
ACE Trainer

My Books

I have published 3 books in 3 languages

Hayalindeki Sen
Die Squatgirl Methode
İçindeki Sen
Fitness Food & Body Training
Doris Hofer yeni kitap
  • How can I work with you?
    Following our conversation, if I feel that you are ready for this journey, I will send you an email with my offer. In my experience you get best results if we work together through 24 sessions on a weekly schedule, online or face-to-face in my Nişantaşı office.
  • How is your method different from others?
    First of all, my qualifications are all of the highest international standard. I advise everyone to carefully do a background check before working with a coach, personal trainer or dietitian. Don’t rely on a friend’s recommendation or a website where the person is promoting him- or herself. Make sure you are about to trust a person who really is an expert in his/her field and not somebody who took a one week course or some online lessons from a dubious school. Second, I live this healthy lifestyle I preach. That doesn’t mean that you should eat like me or train like me, everybody is different. But personally, I wouldn’t trust a dentist who has bad teeth or a dietitian who is overweight. I have lots of experience: Under the nickname Squatgirl, I slimmed down thousands of people over the past decade. So with me, you get to work with a healthy person who believes that food equals happiness and that both you and I should enjoy life to the fullest.
  • When should I work with you?
    My program is designed for everybody who needs support because they have been struggling with weight issues over a long period of time: Maybe you couldn’t work out because of an injury and simply never got back on that train, even after you fully recovered. Or you are very unhappy at work because you feel unappreciated, or you think you are trapped because of the loan and the family you need to feed. Or you gave birth and never fully got out of this post-natal depression and you don’t like yourself when you look into the mirror. Or you approach menopause and are concerned about putting on weight but decided it is time to get out of the diet circle. Or everyone in your family is obese and until today, you thought it was only normal that you are too. There is no requirement other than that you really need to want this change to happen for you to enroll to my program.
  • Do you only work with women?
    I work with both men and women. I have so many both male and female clients who lost weight with my approach over the last 8 years.
  • Do you coach children?
    I don’t work with children younger than 16 years because they usually don’t come out of their own free will and I believe that working with the parent will be more effective. That said, I do work with teenagers. Being the mom of 3 myself, I know how insecure they feel about their bodies and how much they crave chips and chocolate snacks when they are stressed out because of bullies or exams at school. Coaching teenagers is very different from working with adults. It usually takes a bit longer until they open up and share their thoughts with me. It is important for the parents to know that according to the ICF Ethical Guidelines, they are considered the SPONSORS and their child the CLIENT. Whatever information is shared with me is confidential unless there is a risk for self harm or danger for other people. After getting the approval from the teenager, I share a report including the topic, session goal, insight and homework by the end of every month, so the parents can follow our work. Most children love coming to the coaching center because it is fun: we cook together, draw, do role plays and think about strategies on how to increase motivation. I also offer preparing teenagers for a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad and living alone for the first time. We shop and cook easy but delicious recipes together and I show them how to compose balanced meals that will help them to stay alert and focussed at university.
  • Will you give me a meal plan?
    No, I won’t but we will talk about what you eat and how you could make healthier choices. I will share information about the importance of nutrients and the effect they have on your body. You will learn to compose balanced meals and gain confidence around portion size, shopping and ordering at the restaurant. If you still feel that you need a meal plan, I will refer you to a dietitian.
  • I am considering going vegan, can you guide me?"
    I can share general information with you and help you weigh the benefits against the risks of a strictly plant based nutrition. Personally, I have been a vegetarian since the age of 10 and I believe that this is one of the main reasons that I am always high energy and that I rarely get sick. Both vegans and vegetarians generally eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes which is - as probably all doctors and dietitians would agree with - a good thing. But if you are serious about becoming a vegetarian or vegan, you should start with little steps and experiments and then plan your transition carefully.
  • Are you going to design workouts for me?
    No, you hired me as your health coach not as your personal trainer. However, as I have a tremendous experience in this field and I believe that movement really is at the core of a healthy lifestyle, I will be happy to assist you finding out what kind of exercise you could enjoy and answer any questions you may have regarding sports.
  • How many calories do you personally eat in a day?
    Honestly, I have absolutely no idea! While counting calories may be important for people who suffer from a condition, I was never interested in calories. But that said: I study the nutrition label of every product very carefully. I want to know the ratio and the quality of the ingredients. Food companies make lots of claims like ‘gluten free’ or ‘no added sugar’ that imply that you are buying a healthy product but actually doesn’t mean anything. Even if there is no gluten (which is not a bad thing if you are not allergic to it), you may still be buying a sugar/butter loaded brownie. And if we are talking orange juice, obviously there shouldn’t be any added sugar with all the fruit sugar that is already squeezed in there naturally! I prefer to teach you how to read and interpret food labels correctly, rather than to obsess over calories. With various tools, you will also learn to understand why you are craving certain foods, how you can overcome stressful situations other than with eating and how to team up with your body to become a more mindful eater.
  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    While in therapy, you are focussing on family issues, traumas and problems mainly rooted in the past, coaching is always future and goal oriented. I am helping you to become the best version of yourself. In our first meeting, we will define 5 goals that you want to achieve in the upcoming 24 weeks and accordingly, you will leave all our sessions knowing exactly what to do in the following week until we meet again. If we have talked about after-dinner snacking for example, you will learn how you could avoid that extra meal and have some ideas for healthy, low calorie alternatives that are easy to prepare or access.
  • When do I get results?
    That really depends on your goals and how much work you are willing to put in. As your coach I am responsible for guiding our conversations, asking questions that create awareness, identifying your strengths and encourage you to use them, offering observations that facilitate learning and insight. I have clients who have reached all of their goals after 4 sessions and I have others who want to continue for 6 month. I usually suggest we meet once a week in the beginning and every two weeks later on. If you want to transform your life, coaching is scientifically the fastest way to get results.
  • How much does coaching with you cost?
    Generally, life coaches charge anywhere from 50$ to 250$ per hour. This varies depending on a few factors, including experience, length of session and whether they are certified by an independent entity like the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My coaching is very affordable, especially when you consider the return on investment: by educating yourself, you will not only change your beliefs and patterns around food but also become an active role model for your beloved ones. A couple of coaching sessions will spare you a life filled with restrictions, diet lists, frustration, stress and expired fitness memberships. I will send you my offer after I got your email. Initially, you will only pay for the assessment meeting which is not binding at all. If you decide to proceed (I didn't have a single client who stepped back at this point), you will be able to buy a 4 sessions package. After four coachings, we will do a snapshot and revise or set new goals according to your needs. I have many clients who were so happy with the results they got in establishing a healthy lifestyle, they decided to work on their career and relationship goals afterwards. All I require is a 4 sessions commitment because this is the minimum time we need to get results. It is entirely up to you if you want to get an other package or single sessions after that.

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