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Coaching Center

The coaching center is a light flooded space set on the garden floor of an apartment building in Istanbul’s most upscale neighborhood Nisantasi, the equivalent to London’s Chelsea or New York’s Upper East Side. While it is usually challenging to find a parking spot in this district, we have Sirinvanli parking which stretches to the front of our garden entrance. 


As thought in the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, I believe that you can invite positive energy and maximum flow into a space by arranging elements promoting the Chi. When you visit our center, you will immediately feel the peaceful serenity reflecting from the minimalistic but very warm bohemian interior, the grounding earthy colors and the calming aromatherapy scents that unwind the mind. I love to think of our center as a REFUGE TO MY CLIENTS who come from stressful and demanding lives and seek for a place to focus on themselves to regain balance and body-mind alignment which will maximize their health, wealth and abundance.

The living room and open kitchen form the heart of the center: a gathering space where me and my team organize corporate workshops and I do most of my 1:1 coaching sessions. This space is fun and offers many different interactions, promoting togetherness and relaxation. While one’s eye is caught by the playful hanging chair, an other’s wanders over to the art pieces on the wall. The kitchen and bar is where film crews shoot recipe videos and we demonstrate how delicious yet simple, preparing healthy plates actually is. The goal of our corporate workshops is to ensure that every participant experiences the sensational taste of colorful whole foods on the spot and leaves with the motivation to cook more PLANT BASED at home.

Contact Us


Vali Konağı Caddesi No:139/1

Maruf Apartmanı D:1

34360 Nişantaşı


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

I have chosen to cooperate with a couple of small local brands that share my vision and values to make earth a better place:

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Özlem Mutaf Büyükarman is an established artist from Istanbul whose works have been featured in exhibitions from NewYork to London, San Francisco to Tokyo. She holds a degree as an associate arts professor and has earned important international awards. In her artworks, Özlem uses symbolic elements and a wide color spectrum as a creative force to provoke positive emotions in the viewer.



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Thrown by hand on the wheel, all our pastel porcelain plates and mugs are handmade by Zeynep Karaman. Each piece is mixed from durable high quality materials and goes back to the oven three times to reach its velvety texture before it ends up adding color and glamour to our table.

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The two cousins Efe and Erhan Kolancı share my opinion that you should get your nutrients through whole foods rather than vitamin capsules. Their products are all natural and organic and great to make healthy meals or desserts. Their Hunu Bars are my favorite snack at the office or on the go.



Asset 1_300x.png

All our aromatherapy and beauty products from Deniz and Cem Erener do not contain any synthetic additives or chemicals. Their gorgeous containers hold cold-pressed solid and liquid pure carrier and essential oils and have not undergone any machinery process. I love that their high quality products are affordable and that they have a section for men too.

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Deniz Akdemir Taşdemir made it her mission to create cleaning products that are 100 percent natural and cruelty free. In order to protect and reduce the environmental impact, all the soaps and disinfectants in our center come as concentrate and are refillable bottles. Lindos products don’t pollute the water and are enriched with pure aromatherapy plant oils - which explains the wonderful smell. 



Asset 1_300x.png

Caner Peltekci and Emre Sözen went to school, studied and lived in the US together; of course they also decided to work together once they came back to Turkey. Their goal is to produce plant based milk alternatives with local ingredients that taste better and come at a lower price than the competition’s. I got so used to oat milk in my coffee and almond milk in smoothies or a granola -  I literally cannot imagine going back to cow milk.

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