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Corporate Workshops

Increase Productivity

Employee wellness is vital for optimum performance and productivity and a happy, engaged, energized, and connected team.

Reduce Costs

Minimizing sick leave, and reducing costs associated with health plans, worker's compensation, and disability.

Invest in People

For every $1 dollar invested in the intervention, $6 was saved in company health care costs, as reported in the Harvard Business Review.

Engage Employees

Organizations with highly effective employee wellness programs report significantly higher voluntary participation when facing challenges.

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I look at corporate wellness with a holistic mindset, so I understand that it is an essential ingredient for the health, performance, and motivation of your employees. Each of our workshops is carefully designed to help meet your needs and create a communal sense of well-being and belonging for your team members. 

We can organize group coaching for up to 15 participants at your premises or at a rented location. We also offer group coaching for 5-8 people in our center or if you have a large team, we suggest various education programs in your facilities or online. 


We typically send a questionnaire to all the participants before kicking it off. This allows us to get to know the people and their expectations. While every event is different, we always start with introductions and the goals before we dive in.

We prepare food, do role plays, learn tools and mostly have lots of fun together. The programs usually end with time for Q&A and a goal evaluation.

Group coaching offers a supportive environment to work through health motivation issues and offer support and support others as you grow. Your team members will benefit from learning with others, as each participant offers knowledge to contribute to the collective wisdom of the group.

Our Most Popular Programs



Nutritious Breakfast

  • The importance of Breakfast

  • What to eat in the Morning

  • Easy to prepare Recipes



Meal Prepping

  • Planning your Meals ahead

  • Shopping list & Food Label Reading

  • Optimal Plate



Lasting Motivation

  • Setting yourself up for Success

  • Understanding the Human Brain

  • Preparing for Challenges



Healthy Environment

  • Which Foods to avoid

  • Healthy Eating made simple

  • Good Choices at the Restaurant



Awareness Tools

  • My favorite Weight Loss Tools:

  • Hungerscale

  • Food Diary

  • CTFAR Model

Workshop Ideas - Mix and Match:

  • Quick, easy and effective stress-reducing techniques that can be used at work. How to eat to maintain energy levels, mental focus and emotional resilience? How to improve sleep?

  • How to manage anxiety?

  • How to establish a work-life balance? Breathing yourself calm.

  • Harnessing the healing power of gratitude. What to eat to feel your best?

  • Cultivating self-compassion around your relationship with food. Food as medicine – and how to eat mindfully.

  • Starting your day with a self-boosting morning routine. Bringing joyful movement into your life.

  • Let’s get creative! Bringing positive energy into your life. Finding your meaning and purpose in life.

  • Nothing breeds success like success!

Corporate Wellness:
Building Blocks

1 - Reflect

Assess the status quo. As your staff makes private wellbeing check-ins as well as monthly company-wide wellbeing surveys, you get engagement and wellness data in real-time.

2 - Create Direction

Based on the personal and company reflections, your staff sets private and professional goals to create an actionable direction that leads to productivity and wellbeing.

3 - Take Action

Your staff becomes self-leading by syncing their to-dos with personal and company goals. 1:1 coaching sessions make sure no one is overwhelmed.

4 - Repeat & Reward

Repeat the process to raise resilience on individual and organizational levels. Use metrics, insights, and provided resources to create a positive wellbeing culture.


Corporate organizations can benefit from group coaching. Our coaching services are scaled to serve both large and small groups either in person or online.

Group coaching is discussion based, thus opening up important conversations in a guided and structured environment. Group coaching can also be positioned as a series of trainings, supporting learners with the transfer and application of their learning thus creating an on-going accountability structure which promotes team spirit and lasting motivation. Group coaching is an on-going conversation, which supports change over time.

Please order our detailed brochure here, we will be happy to assist you planning a memorable event with your team. 

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