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My Coaching Program


Overeating is not a character flaw or proof that you are weak! You are just a human with a healthy brain responding to the marketing promises of food companies that want to sell you their products and don’t care about your health. And when your body gets sick because of malnutrition, the Pharma industry promises to get you back on track. But the truth is, those companies only treat your symptoms and don’t help you find the cause of the problem - at the end of the day, they just want to sell you drugs.


The answer to your constant search for weight loss results that last is a mix of knowledge and tools powered by positive psychology and coaching techniques. I have combined everything I learned from being in touch with thousands of followers, with the experience of coaching my clients and the latest research in weight loss neuroscience and have packed it into 4 sessions packages that will help you lose weight and keep it off forever.


My program is designed for people who are tired of food lists and exercise apps and aim to live a healthy lifestyle, honoring their wholesomeness and uniqueness instead. If you want to regain freedom around food, feel comfortable in your skin, and wear that bikini or swimsuit again, then this is what you need: a simple and deprivation-free method that guarantees permanent results.

I’m totally against

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Restricted Diets

Calorie Calculators

Excessive Exercising

You don’t need to give up the foods you love if you want to lose weight - I will tell you the trick!

With my method

You eat your favorite foods


  • Flexibility in your food choices is healthy

  • Eating a variety of food is healthy

  • Focusing on enjoying your food is healthy

  • Not stressing about your food is healthy

You truly enjoy exercising


  • Exercising is fun and makes you feel good

  • Any physical activity counts as exercise

  • Finding the right sports for you

  • Change the relationship with your body

No more Diets, learn the healthy Lifestyle!

I have a 4 sessions program for you to create the new YOU

I will explain to you how your brain works and why certain foods mess with your hormones and get your body totally out of balance.

We will talk about portion sizes, macros, the ideal plate and how thoughts drive your actions and sabotage your goals.

You will learn about triggers and patterns, how you can set yourself up for success and cope with stress. We may even role-play challenging situations so that you are feeling prepared and confident.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to prepare healthy meals and desserts. They look colorful, taste delicious and don’t make you crave.

‘I teach my clients to eat for joy and fuel rather than for relief.’

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